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When business success rides on a few millimeters

Being an expert at converting services, we are able to cut back on the costs of your paper materials and handling time. By using our services, such as custom slitting, sheeting and trimming, your company is provided with the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. Properly maintained machinery, highly qualified staff members, ideally located industrial site and state-of-the-art logistic solutions are all factors that enable us to contribute to your business’s success. As a key figure in domestic paper market, we are in close partnership with Hungarian and foreign paper companies, presses, multinational businesses and wholesale networks. Consequently, even the smallest orders can get high priority. Our services are even available for our Eastern and Southern European partners.

We don’t only


Look good on paper

Our work

Márta Lászlófalvi

“Our company combines the extensive knowledge and experience in paper converting that our predecessors, the Finnish Ikapaper then later the Pyroll company, bestowed upon us, with market awareness in Hungary and the latest technologies acquired over several generations. The fact that our services focus on customer-orientation and that our vision is characterized by proactivity enables us to be able to get in the minds of our customers, and think like them. We know full well and we share the importance of economic discipline, cost-effectiveness and speedy service and delivery time. Since we truly believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to quality, our experts are relentlessly trying to find the right solutions for every one of our partners.”

– CEO, Flexo-Roll LTD.

Why is Flexo-Roll the ideal partner for your business?

As a dominant player in the Hungarian paper market we are reliable partners, who can smoothly handle small and large orders as well. Our business is covered by the required product liability and stock insurances.

The know-how, that was passed down to us from our Finnish predecessor as an heirloom, has long been playing an important role in our becoming as good as other big Finnish paper companies.

Our company site is situated near the capital, by the M0 motorway, which makes it possible for us to do deliveries in a rapid and flexible way all across Hungary and abroad.

As we can get into the minds of our customers, we not only meet but understand their needs and so their interests are always prioritized.

Our workflow processes are in accordance with the most rigorous international quality assurance and environmental management standards. We are also a registered ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified company.

Cost and raw material efficiency are both among our number one priorities and as a result of that we always try to find the best and not the most expensive solution for our clients.

What does our expertise include?

Low-weight paper
Cutting cardboard
Cutting cardboard
Warehousing, logistics, transport organization
Paper roll
Warehousing, logistics, transport organization

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First step

Quote & agreement

After receiving an order we make an individual offer tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Once the offer has been accepted by the customer, we require the customer to send the specifics of their order in writing. The written order then gets registered by our SAP Business One business management software with all the necessary parameters. After that, we send a confirmation e-mail about the finalized version of the order.

Second step


Then, our trained operators start working on the respective sheeter machine. When finished, they pack the finish product in the chosen packaging and prepare it to delivery.

Third step

Delivery and administration

The package is then delivered to the given address by either our own or our customer’s delivery person.  Simultaneously, we start doing the paperwork and we send out the bill.

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