Sheeting, paper roll warehousing and other paper logistic services

If you need a company offering various paper converting services, we are the ones for the job. Not only do we make individual offers for each of our customers but we also remove the burden of warehousing, logistics and transport organization from your shoulders.
Professional implementation

Sheeting rolled paper goods

Perfection is not only our customers’ dream but ours as well, at Flexo-Roll.

You paper goods are guaranteed to be dealt with care by our professional operators, who work with our well maintained sheeter machines, that keep waste low. We always fulfill your order with the utmost care, focusing on keeping costs low and standards high, while being as precise as possible.

Size does not matter

Our company is equipped to handle the complexity that comes with large order. Since we have long been providing paper factories, printing companies, multinational businesses and retail chains with paper- and packaging materials, we have a long history and extensive experience with larger clients. That of course does not mean that we do not have a good relationship with smaller businesses, at our company, even the smallest orders get high priority.

Services for your convenience

Comprehensive Logistics Operations

Having the proper logistic capacity is absolutely necessary if our aim is to optimize the manufacturing costs in the paper industry and make prudent purchases. The production and transport of raw materials sometimes takes 4 to 10 weeks, since each order requires our machines to be set differently. Consequently, orders with short deadlines might not be fulfilled. In order to reduce lead time and costs, our company can store our customers’ paper rolls in our own warehouse, thanks to our storing and logistic services.

If needed, we are prepared to enter into a consignment agreement with paper factories. The factories therefore would store the raw materials for our clients at their site and we would only use them in accordance with our client’s orders.

What are the benefits of sheeting?

Low costs

You can easily cut back on your expenses by using our converting services, such as custom slitting, sheeting and trimming. By choosing these services the amount of waste produced is reduced considerably thus helping your company reduce its environmental footprint, making it more environmentally-friendly.

Flexible execution

In a manufacturer's life it might occur several times that standard-sized materials just won't do the job. By changing to roll materials, you can get the exact size you need for your business, while keeping waste low. Our colleagues take the initiative and they proactively offer the best solution for you. Our machines have a wide variety of settings, so we only have to find the right one for you!

Reducing warehousing costs

Besides our converting services, we have a huge warehousing capacity, combined with extended logistics knowledge and experience that can all be used regardless of the size of your business.

The details of our services

Sheeting low-weight paper

Sheeting low-weight paper

From 40 g/m2

Paper size may vary from 300X400 mm to 1600X2000 mm.

Width: max. 1670 mm., diameter: up to 1500 mm,  weight: up to 2500 kg.

Tolerance: from 1000 mm +/- 1 mm, above 1000 mm+/- 2 mm.

The finished product can be packed in 5 standard types of packaging.

Cutting cardboard

Cutting cardboard

Up to 600 g/m2

Cardboard size may vary from 300X400mm to 1600X2000 mm.

Width: max. 1670 mm,  diameter: up to 1500 mm, weight: up to 2500 kg.

Tolerance: up to 1000mm +/- 1 mm; above 1000 mm +/- 2 mm

The finished product can be packed in 5 standard types of packaging.

Related logistic services

Related logistic services

Warehousing, shipping and transport organization tailored to your needs. If you want to know more contact us!

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